Welcome to AA Targets!

We specialize in Premium Steel Targets and stands!

Our targets are made of Premium American Made 3/8" AR550 steel. (Lite Targets are 1/4" AR550)  We offer different thicknesses and materials upon request.  Our targets are cut using a CNC Water Jet machine or a CNC Plasma machine depending on your preference.  We welcome your custom projects!  We will work quickly with you to fulfill any projects you have in mind!

Our targets have been proven through extensive match use!  They have seen action in the following competitions:  The Steel Safari, Thunder Beast Team Challenge, Sniper's Hide Cup, Rocky Mountain Steel Quest, and the 24-hour Sniper Adventure Challenge, to name just a few.  

AA Targets was founded out of a love of shooting and the shooting sports, and the desire to build simple, reliable and fun targets! Whether you're a seasoned shooting competitor, training instructor, military, law enforcement, or just a shooting enthusiast of any level, we have a target to fit your needs!

The AA Targets crew are all active competitors, mainly competing in practical long range and 3 gun/multi-gun matches!

Shooting and shooting steel targets has inherent risks that may include serious injury and death. Always follow all standard safety protocols when shooting steel targets and make sure the rules for your sport (IDPA, USPSA, 3Gun) are followed. AA Targets is not responsible for the misuse of its targets or any damage or injury that is a result of their use.